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Emma is an organizer, activist and mom. She founded a social change strategy consulting business, EMStrategies, in 2018. Her clients include labor unions, educational equity organizations, and municipalities and school districts looking to develop meaningful community engagement strategies. She also supports historically marginalized people prepare and run for elected office as Progressives and Democratic candidates. 


Her past professional experience includes leading field organizing and leadership development work at Vermont-NEA for over a decade, directing the Vermont Livable Wage Campaign at the Peace & Justice Center, and serving as a City Councilor from the Old North End.

She also served as the state chair of the Vermont Progressive Party and on various non-profit boards including the Vermont Women’s Fund, the Haymarket People’s Fund, Governor’s Institutes of Vermont and most recently, Robin’s Nest Child Care Center located in the Old North End.

She is a graduate of the Vermont Leadership Institute and Smith College with a degree in political science. Originally from Barre, Vermont, she lives in the Old North End with her wife, Megan and two small children.



Emma is a proud Progressive with a long history of organizing and working with Democrats around the state. Her first statewide political job was running the field program for Democrat Scudder Parker’s run for Governor in 2006. When elected to the Burlington City Council, Emma worked with Democrats (and Republicans and Independents) to pass policy ranging from immigrant rights to updates to the livable wage ordinance. Vermont politics requires bridge builders and visionaries. It is the only way to maintain a healthy democracy.

Chittenden 6-2 is a hybrid district that continues to shift with each federal census in the last 20 years. The district proudly supports Progressive and Democratic city councilors. In this spirit, Emma ran and won the Democratic nomination in the state primary (August 2020) and also won the Progressive caucus nomination (June 2020). She looks forward to engaging voters from both party affiliations to unify folks behind common policy priorities we all share. Emma is running as a Progressive Democrat (P/D) in the general election.

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