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Childcare System Isn't Working for Provider and Families

Excerpt from "Vermont's Childcare System Isn't Working for Providers or Parents. They Hope Help Is on the Way." by Alison Novak. Seven Days, January 11, 2023.

Mulvaney-Stanak, whose kids are now 3 and 7, suggested that the pressures on families are different than they were when older lawmakers were raising children.

"I've heard legislators say, 'Oh, I know how hard it was,' and I'm like, 'Actually, I don't think you do, because a one-wage-earner household could actually get you by and the second person could be staying home' ... That's not how our economy works now."

She and others said they feel hopeful that the presence of more elected officials who understand firsthand the challenges of childcare may produce some long-awaited action.

Picture: Rep. Emma Mulvaney-Stanak with leaders in the early educator community at the State House.

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