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Mulvaney-Stanak introduces H.615 Requiring Wage Transparency & New Wage Discrimination Protections

Rep. Mulvaney-Stanak lead the House Committee on General, Housing and Military Affairs through an introduction of H.615 - an act requiring wage transparency by employers and strengthening wage discrimination protections. The bill includes 15 co-sponsors and is model off of laws and pending legislation in CA, CO and MA. H.615 includes 3 parts: 1) wage transparency in job postings, prohibition of wage disclosure by employers without the employee's consent and prohibition of an employer using known compensation information in a negative way in determining a prospective employee's hiring wage/salary, 2) state data collection of wage information based on gender and race for employers with 10 or more employees, 3) an update to Vermont's 2002 Equal Pay law by adding race and gender identity as protected categories for equal pay wage discrimination claims. Vermont can do more to take concrete steps towards closing the gender and racial wage gaps and protecting minoritized workers in the hiring process.

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