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Rep. Mulvaney-Stanak Challenges Urban vs Rural Divide in Governor's Address

Excerpt from "Scott Urges Lawmakers to Bridge Rural-Urban Divide" by Kevin McCallum, Seven Days, January 5, 2023

Rep. Emma Mulvaney-Stanak (P/D-Burlington), chair of the House Progressive caucus, said she agreed with Scott that there are significant burdens facing working people. But she said she was disappointed to hear the governor frame the issues facing the state in terms of urban versus rural, which she found polarizing.

“That was an unnecessary divide to put in between communities because we’re all Vermonters,” Mulvaney-Stanak said.

She noted that her neighborhood in Burlington’s Old North End faces multiple social and economic challenges, including some areas that don’t even have decent cellular coverage.

She also said she found it disappointing that Scott talks about protecting workers from tax increases when what struggling workers really need is a more progressive tax system.

“We have not done enough to look at those with the most wealth in the state paying more into our economy,” she said.

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