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Vermont Business for Social Responsibility’s (VBSR) recognized Vermont State Representative Emma Mulvaney-Stanak (Chittenden 6-2) with their 2021 Legislator of the Year Award.

VBSR is a statewide, nonprofit business association with a mission to use the power of business for positive social and environmental impact. VBSR supports legislation that plays to Vermont’s economic strengths, universal healthcare, workplace quality, environmental protection, and moving towards renewable and local sources of energy. “Representative Mulvaney-Stanak has been a tremendous partner during a very trying time in Vermont’s history and truly embodies VBSR’s commitment to people, planet, and prosperity” said Jordan Giaconia, Public Policy Manager with VBSR. “From empowering BIPOC business leaders to ensuring equitable access to COVID-19 related aid, she embeds social responsibility into every facet of her work and has brought a powerful voice for people first workplaces, livable jobs, and social equity to the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee. We’re thrilled to offer her this award and look forward to collaborating more in the coming session.”

Rep. Mulvaney-Stanak will be honored as Legislator of the Year during the VBSR 2021 Legislative Breakfast on December 9th. She is the first Vermont State Representative to receive the award in their first term. Rep. Mulvaney-Stanak serves as a state legislator for Burlington’s Chittenden 6-2 district and as Vice-Chair of the House Progressive Caucus. She is a member of the House Commerce & Economic Development Committee, Social Equity Caucus, Women's Caucus, Labor Caucus, Rainbow (LGBTQ+) Caucus and Climate Solutions Caucus.

“I am honored to be recognized by VBSR in my first term. I’ve worked to elevate the conversation of equitable policy making in economic and workforce development,” said Rep. Mulvaney-Stanak. “I am particularly proud of leading my committee to dedicate new funding for BIPOC business development research and convening BIPOC businesses to inform better commerce policy. The state has limited knowledge about and relationships with BIPOC businesses. This became clear when the state attempted to move BIPOC business grants in the 2020 economic recovery business grant program. We must do better to remove barriers and create equitable access to state resources and services, as this is an important piece of addressing the racial wealth divide.”

In 2018, she founded a social change strategy consulting business, EMStrategies LLC, to support nonprofits, labor organizations, school districts and local governments in building equity-informed strategies. Rep. Mulvaney-Stanak spent most of her professional career as a labor organizer at Vermont-NEA and as Director of the Vermont Livable Wage Campaign. She served as City Councilor from Burlington's Old North End, as the state chair of the Vermont Progressive Party and on several community non-profit boards including, the Vermont Women’s Fund, Haymarket People’s Fund and Robin's Nest Child Care Center. She graduated from Smith College with a degree in political science and the Vermont Leadership Institute. Originally from Barre, Vermont, she lives in the Old North End of Burlington with her wife and two small children.

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