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CONTACT State Representative Emma Mulvaney-Stanak House Progressive Caucus Leader 802-448-0838

State Representative Taylor Small House Progressive Caucus Assistant Leader 802-391-0569

November 21, 2022

MONTPELIER, VERMONT – On November 19, 2022, the Vermont House Progressive Caucus members unanimously elected State Representative Emma Mulvaney-Stanak as House Caucus Leader and State Representative Taylor Small as House Assistant Caucus Leader.

Rep. Elect Mulvaney-Stanak (Chittenden 17) previously served as Assistant Caucus Leader in the 2021-2022 legislative biennium alongside retiring Caucus Leader Rep. Selene Colburn. Rep. Mulvaney-Stanak served on the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee last biennium and as member of several caucuses, including the Social Equity, Working Vermonters, Rainbow (LGBTQIA+), and Women’s Caucuses. Prior to serving in the legislature, she served as a Burlington City Councilor (2009-2012) and as State Chair of the Vermont Progressive Party (2013-2017). Originally from Barre, Vermont, Rep. Mulvaney-Stanak spent most of her professional career as a statewide community and labor organizer in the economic justice and education fields. She now owns her own social change consulting business working with clients in the labor movement, education, and the nonprofit sectors.

“I appreciate the support of the House Progressive caucus in this new role, especially as a queer, lesbian woman. We are living in hostile political times where people of the global majority and LGBTQIA+ people, especially transgender people, are increasingly under attack. Representation matters in leadership. It also matters that we take action to make our communities safer and to protect the rights of marginalized people,” said Rep. Emma Mulvaney-Stanak. “Next session, the supermajority held by Progressives and Democrats, offers us an opportunity to advance significant policies that protect marginalized people, support working families, and take bold steps in many areas in crisis - climate, health care, and housing. Progressives are the left flank in the House and will be leaders for equitable economic and social policies.”

Rep. Elect Taylor Small (Chittenden 21) was first elected in 2020 and became Vermont’s first out transgender legislator, and one of eight nationwide. Rep. Small served on the House Human Services Committee last biennium and was a proud member of the Rainbow (LGBTQIA+) Caucus. Earlier this year, Rep. Small received international recognition from One Young World, a London-based organization promoting youth leadership and action, as ‘Politician of the Year’ alongside four other young leaders and the only one representing the United States. She now works at the Pride Center of Vermont as the Education Program Manager and works to improve cultural competency and humility for human service organizations across the state.

“I’m grateful for the support of my fellow House Progressive Caucus members as I step into this new leadership role. The need for bold, progressive change is greater now more than ever as we continue to recognize that the status quo is leaving too many Vermonters behind. As we look to the coming session, I am hopeful that this leadership team and our caucus will ensure that people are prioritized over profit and that we reshape our systems to help Vermonters not just survive, but thrive,” said Rep. Taylor Small. “Our caucus is made up of strong community leaders that will keep progressive issues at the forefront; that is our commitment to our constituents and to Vermonters overall.”

The House Progressive caucus anticipates continuing to live stream caucus meetings in the next biennium. Links and recordings will be available on the Vermont legislative website. The caucus also will continue to use and create new ways to increase transparency and engage Vermonters in policy discussions. For more information on the caucus’ work in the last biennium and updates as the session begins in January, please go to


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